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Can I do better than Presonus Eris 4.5 with ifi zen DAC for a budget desktop setup in India?


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Jul 2, 2023
Hello everyone!
I am a newbie from India and am looking for advice to set up my first budget desktop hifi-ish system. I am not an audiophile but I do like good sound. I am looking for warm sounding with decent tight bass, non-fatiguing and not too large sized speakers. Also, I have tinnitus so nothing too bright/tinny/shouty etc.

Deciding factors:
1. Budget(about rs30kish)
2. Desktop space and nearfield listening (desktop 2 feet deep and about 7 feet wide in a small study room)
3. Availability in India

***Open to considering a passive set up which would include extra cost for amp only if its VFM and much better sound***

I have an Edifier 1855db with BT but am not sure if I have a bad pair or if their QC is off for India. Folks are praising them to the sky but mine sound quite bad nearfield (atleast to me). There's no midrange and the bass is boomy and not nice at all. They are bearable for use with the TV I guess (dialogues and youtube).

Also not much of a steamer, I use flac files on my pc.

The following made it to my short-list:
Active: (But firstttt; Are studio monitors even a good idea for listening (not monitoring or production) to music nearfield? If not, what other options are there?)
1. Presonus Eris 4.5 for size, tone adjustment knobs and price (about rs20k in India)
2. Mackies dont seem to be as good on clarity as per reviews, plus no tone adjustments

1. Micca RB42- reading a lot of mixed reviews about them, so am unsure. Finding the right amp for it seems to be a struggle too. Please share thoughts. (Cost about rs15k)
2. Q acoustics 3010i- are they much better than Miccas? (cost about rs25k)

1. Ifizen air
2. ifizen v2
-becasue my hifiman Sundaras sound so good with the BurrBrown chipped Ifis :)

1. Fosi audio BT20- seem to have good reviews and tone controls
2. Any thoughts on Douk Audio Nobosound 15g

Looking forward to your inputs. Thanks in advance!
hey there...
in a similar predicament like you..
what did you go for finally?
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