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Amplifier for Passive Subs (B&W CT series vs NAD amp)


New Member
Mar 21, 2022
Hi guys,

Hope you can help me shed some light on this subject.

I currently own two B&W CTSW15 subs that I love in my Home Theater. But I only own a single B&W SA1000 which means I can't do a "real" dual subwoofer setup as the SA1000 sums both inputs on the amp side. So I would have to buy another SA1000 to benefit from my AVR X4700's dual subwoofer outputs and the ability to calibrate both subs individually.

Now, the question is whether or not I could benefit from using a different Amp solution for the setup, since all the processing and low pass filtering is happening in the receiver anyway, I thought I might as well get a better amp for a better result. The SA1000 is hard to come by atm as they have released a new version, but the new version is A LOT more expensive without any real benefits afaik. Therefore I am considering getting two NAD C298 to power the subs instead of the SA1000. The NAD amps can output 620w in mono configurations, so I would think they are more than capable powerwise to drive the subs. But I am in doubt if there is anything wrong with using a bridged amp on the subwoofers....?

What do you think? Is there any problems in switching to a more traditional power amp in this type of setup? Should I just stick to the SA1000 and try to find another one used (really hard to come by) or what would be the move? I am able to get a good deal on the NAD C298 so the cost is the same for me whether I am choosing to go with two SA1000 or two NAD C298.

Tips and opinions appreciated!
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