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Amp recommendation - Fosi vs Topping (or others?)


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Jul 19, 2023
I am looking to get a new amp. My current audio setup is as follows:

PC > Fosi K5 Pro > Fosi BT30D Pro > (2x) JBL Control 25AV

I bought my current Amp thinking I'd buy a subwoofer, turns out i am satisfied with my current speakers so i'll be skipping the subwoofer. I plan to get the Topping DX3 Pro+ for the LDAT support and overall better feature set than my Fosi K5 Pro (that and i also found i don't use the mic imput of the K5, so that removes that feature from the list). I also have some speakers i'd like to use again for my living room (some old relic Pioneer CS-503), so i'll need anohter amp to either power my unused speakers or to power my new setup.

So, my plan is to have the following two setups:

PC > Topping DX3 Pro+ > Insert_Amp > (2x) JBL Control 25AV
TV > Fosi BT30D Pro (?) > (2x) Pioneer CS-503

Now, as Amp options, i am looking at either the Topping PA3S or the Fosi V3 for the fist setup, and move by BT30D Pro to the second setup. Having bluetooth in the second setup is not a must (it would be a nice add though), and since i'm using the Topping DAC as a BT receiver, i no longer have a need for a BT amp on the first setup. My budget is $100-$200 for the amp. I am open to other recommendations from other brands as long as they fit the budget, the ones i've listed are the ones i've seen so far. I am also open to amp recommendations for the Pioneer speakers, in case my BT30D is not up to the task (tested it quickly and it seemed to work).
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