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A long journey - an audiophile experience


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Mar 9, 2021
Hello friends.
Like many asr members i write my first post after months of reading and tuning. Listening to music has always been my hobby and the time during lockdown was great to take it to a higher level. I always had nice equipment (i thought) and was always satisfied with the sound (noise...). My last system was any device for spotify, a really nice Yamaha amp and some JBL Control One with a LD subwoofer. Before i owned lots of other systems, today i would say they all were the same...
One day my dad asked me if i could upgrade his desk with a nice DAW, he is really good for hobby producing, and with 20 years as an IT expert it was clear to do it for me.
So i ordered some "toys" and started this project. HP workstation, 2 23" screens, Akai keyboard, Behringer interface, Alesis monitors, Superlux headphones and everything else for a nice daw desk. I remember that moment when i realized what went wrong for years with my system: ASIO. That blew me away, all the time i payed for hd whatever but never were able to hear it, blame on me. I sold all my stuff and started from zero, here we go. I bought and sold lots of devices for testing and finding my perfect system, that it was cheap as hell at the end was not my goal, it just came out that less is more. The source is a nuc-like Minisforum Z83f fanless PC, 4GB RAM, 64GB Flash, default with Win10. Hundreds of hours, reading, testing, and tuning made me choose daphile as the OS. Now running for months with qobuz, absolutely great. Then i took a douk audio u2 interface for usb to spdif coax. That goes into a Hiresfi Amper 502 full digital amp, feeding some Tibo Legacy 5 floorstanding budget speakers.
Many configs tried, but that is my baby now. Best of all, i tell you the price: PC 120€, Douk u2 50€, Amp 120€, Speakers 120€ (normally 250€ and i would buy them again!).
With all the cables it is a suprising system for bit more than 400€. I would like to share my experience with you and can't tell all the things i learned in this post. Without this great community i never reached my goal, big thanks to all!!!


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Nov 6, 2018
If you never had anything better than Control Ones before, I'm not surprised you're happy now (those are a bit crummy if robust). That said, I saw more than one report of blown tweeters among the Amazon reviews for the Tibo speakers, which I would find a bit concerning (potentially indicative of a very low-order crossover). 5"/1" combos tend to work alright even without a waveguide though I would prefer to see one these days; at least they have minimized driver spacing as far as possible, similar to Elac Debut and the like.

And no, I don't think ASIO had very much to do with it at all.
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