yamaha a-s501

  1. K

    Need advice on floor speakers, budget around 1,500 $

    Hello I’m considering buying a pair of speakers to go along with a new amplifier and streamer. I haven’t bought anything yet, but I’m pretty sure about the amplifier, Yamaha A-S501, and streamer, WiiM Pro. I hope to find a pair that can play nicely without the need of a subwoofer due to space...
  2. R

    Connect raspberrypi to Yamaha a-s501

    What would be the best way to connect yamaha a-s501 to raspberrypi and pc as it doesn't have any USB connections. I would like to be able to play my digital files and qobuz or tidal. Thanks
  3. Danchina

    Orange jelly/grease on amplifier transformer

    Hello guys, new to the forum and audio related tech in general. I didn't know where to post this but here I go. I paired up a new yamaha a-s501 with a pair of elac dbr62. When near the amplifier i could smell some strong plastic odor coming from it (doesn't smell exactly like burnt plastic)...
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