wiim pro

  1. R

    Seeking advice on choosing an amplifier/DAC

    Currently using Marshall Woburn II in a stereo pair via the Marshall app. The speakers are primarily used for Bluetooth streaming (FLAC, Spotify, or Apple Music, TuneIn) and occasionally for watching movies and concerts on the TV (currently using a 3.5mm splitter into two RCA cables)...
  2. G

    Are there SPDIF or Optical Audio to HDMI output converters?

    I seem to be coming up empty with this search, but is a SPDIF to HDMI converter or an optical audio to HMDI converter a thing? I'd like to send my digital audio signal from my WiiM Pro streamer to my AVR via HDMI so I can have it turn on automatically and switch to the source when I send a Tidal...
  3. VintageFlanker

    WiiM Pro - Review & Measurements (Streamer)

    WiiM Pro - Review & Measurements Hey folks, It is time for my first review of 2023... This one is about a complete objective analysis of the new WiiM Pro streamer. The aforementioned has been recently announced, back in November 2022, and I can see quite a strong hype around it since. That...
  4. alto

    RPi4 + Pi2AES alternative or off the shelf unit?

    I'm looking to set up a streamer in my living room in the not-so-distant future and have been looking into my options. The setup in the room hosts a Marantz NR1605 which powers my speakers and takes input from a HTPC and record player today. The streamer would most likely connect to the NR1605...
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