1. R

    DAC recommandation for PC of about 600 USD

    Hello guys, I am seeking for a DAC, never had one that I want to use to listen to my collection of CDs and DSD files. I have started to make research on this thing for the last few months and I got to a point where I don't know where to go with. To be honest, I am afraid of the Chinese if I...
  2. Unchanging Window

    Phono pre suggestions?

    Greetings, all! Sorry in advance if my issue has been covered before countless times; I'm a new member who just discovered this great site today: My setup is a bit odd: I have two Technics 1200s (one a MK5, and the other a brand new 1210-GR); one has an AT-VM540ML and the other an AT-VM740ML...
  3. silentt29

    Modern Direct-Drive Turntables

    I've been thinking about the kind of step-up turntable ($1,000 - $4,000) I would want. For sound quality's sake, I've been considering going direct-drive, specifically a Technics SL-1500C to eventually replace my $500 belt-driven U-Turn Orbit. In addition to the speed accuracy, a direct-drive's...
  4. Robert Zohn

    2018 New Your Audio Show comes back to NYC Nov. 9-11, 2018

    Since 2016 the New York Audio Show was hosted at the beautiful Park Lane Hotel. My company reserved two suites, one dedicated to all Technics and our 2nd room audio systems are not finalized yet. Here's a few pic for our two suites at the 2017 NY Audio show:
  5. Robert Zohn

    Fellow audio enthusiasts are invited to Technics New Product Preview/Listening Party

    Value Electronics is proud to partner with Technics for an advance preview event of the SP-10R and SL-1000R Turntables launching this Summer. The public is invited to join us Saturday, May 19, 2018 from noon to 5pm for Technics Reference quality listening party at 35...
  6. amirm

    RMAF 2016: Technics

    I was disappointed in Technics showing at other shows. They had people on stand that had no experience with selling high-end. What a difference this show made with proper staff and music. As a result their system shone a lot better than they did in the past. Some of you may know (?) that I...
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