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  1. Katji

    What Spotify data show about the decline of English | The Economist

    What Spotify data show about the decline of English Our interactive analysis of five years of hits in 70 countries—and the links between them Jan 29th 2022 BAD BUNNY may not be a...
  2. orchardaudio

    PecanPi® DAC / Streamer Rev 3.0

    I am proud to announce the release of Rev 3.0 of my award winning PecanPi® product line. The PecanPi Streamer is a networked music player with build-in DAC and headphone amplifier. The PecanPi DAC is high-performance DAC for the RaspberryPi and Tinker Board, this is for DIYer...
  3. M

    Opinions on the music-discovery performance of current streaming services (and how to get the most out of them)?

    Sure, we all have a stash of cd rips and high-res content that was repeatedly vetted and benchmarked on various gear... But nothing compares to the thrill of hearing something for the first time that fits so perfectly in the moment. As someone who does ml by day (outside the entertainment...
  4. I

    Anyone have their own private cloud audio streaming service

    I can't do subscription services and their changing copyrights. I have a couple of decades worth of my old rips + my bandcamp purchases (the best music service aroud for someone like me) + downloads that come with physical media. And I'm not talking about music services that let you upload your...
  5. D3Buddha

    TIDAL: No EQ is a major oversight

    Regarding TIDAL for iOS & macOS: First of all, I love the song selection and you simply can’t beat the sample rate (bravo there!), but how does an industry-leading hifi service like Tidal not include EQ natively? Someone hasn't done their homework regarding what audio enthusiasts really want...
  6. orchardaudio

    FS: Orchard Audio PecanPi Streamer Ultra - $650

    I have two (2) preowned PecanPi Streamer Ultras for sale. Both come with a full 1-year warranty. If interested please contact me here:
  7. O

    looking for a streamer/DAC with Airplay 2 + wifi to connect Adam active speakers

    hello, i am looking for a reasonably priced streamer/DAC with wifi. I absolutely need Airplay 2 (being on apple ecosystem) and would have loved balanced outputs to hook it up with my to Adam active speakers. but balanced will inevitably push the price up and it is not key right now. I am...
  8. P

    Thinking of leaving NAD but like BluOS streaming - help

    First post, newbie, audiophile/snob wannabee. Story - I have a second place where some lightly-used Tannoy Precision 6.2 speakers await that I now need an A/V system for. I'm stuck between cascading stuff from the main place to it, or buying something new for it. The main place has a NAD T787...
  9. ahofer

    Streaming metadata - good recordings

    I wish Qobuz or Tidal had a way for users to mark particular recordings as being of high quality, so you could follow listeners you know and look for recordings they had earmarked. Or I'd settle for BubbleUPnP, or another control point to mark streams as high quality and share the same way. I...
  10. baoshan

    Introducing Tonal – A Minimalist Music App for Collectors and Audiophiles

    Hello, members of ASR! We’re looking for some pilot users for a new service. If you’re a music collector or audiophile with a Mac computer, I believe our new solution Tonal will bring you a better music experience. Tonal is a minimalist music app for collectors and audiophiles. With Tonal...
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