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  1. MarkHH

    RME announces app control for RME Adi-2 series

    RME‘s Matthias Carstens made an announcement yesterday that might be of interest for all RME Adi-2 DAC owners here at ASR: ADI-2 Series Remote – Public Pre-Release of macOS app Tbh I do not understand how the macOS app (or the iPad app that is about to be released later on) will connect with...
  2. C

    RME ADI-2 DAC fs against the Topping D90SE

    I had heard so much hype about the Topping D90SE I decided to buy it and compare against my RME ADI-2. Here is what I heard. Caveats: Before I get started I wish to state I have no idea what the engineers were trying to attempt when they recorded the music I was listening to. All I can do is...
  3. Mehdiem

    REW and RME: How to Generate EQ tailored for RME ADI-2 using REW?

    I have performed my first measurement with UMIK-1 and REW. I need your help to understand how to generate & translate my EQ measurements into RME parameters. I could not find a way to generate EQ according to RME parameters and capabilities. I tried using Generic EQ with 7 filters but didn't...
  4. T

    RME ADI-2 DAC vs Pro for Genelec

    Hi Guys, I have a pair of 8341s and and a 7350 via GLM, currently running from a Soncoz LAQXD1. I am running balanced out from the Soncoz with Apple TV as an input via optical from my TV. The setup sounds amazing and works well. However I would like to get remote volume control and as I listen...
  5. mac

    SOLD. FS: RME ADI-2 FS DAC (v1)

    SOLD. As-new condition. Includes remote, power supply and original box with paperwork. $825 shipped CONUS. https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/measurements-of-rme-adi-2-dac-and-headphone-amp.7546 https://www.rme-usa.com/adi-2-dac.html
  6. S

    Preamp for three tape decks

    Hi At the moment I'm feeding an RME ADI-2 DAC directly into a vintage Sony poweramp (TA-N77ES) with the attenuation on the amp set to bypass. I also have three tape decks (Nagra IV-S, Revox B77, and Sony WM-D6C) connected to the amp which I use with the amp's second input and using variable...
  7. 312elements

    A journey in setting up a personal listening station. The Good The Bad and The Ugly

    It was about 10 years ago that I bought a pair of Grado 225's and I thought it was a real big deal. The local shops here in Chicago push Grado hard, they looked cool, and they fit the budget. I think at the time I purchased a little Fiio amp to go with it, and I was as happy as could be...
  8. M

    RME DAC Question

    Hello, This is my first post here. I’ve been reading through Amir’s reviews the past few days while looking into what I should get. For the past few years I’ve been using the Schiit Jotunheim with Focal Elex headphones, but I recently got the THX 789 so I would like to purchase a balanced DAC...
  9. G

    WTB RME ADI-2 PRO Anniversary Edition (AE)

    I am looking to buy the collectors edition of the last-gen ADI-2 Pro (the one with the plexi top). $2k for unopened product $1800-1900 USD if you have the box, manual, AES breakout cable, and a fully-functioning unit in pristine condition $1700 if missing multiple accessories, small scratches...
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