rme adi-2 pro

  1. P

    Building SOTA system with subwoofer optimization

    Hello, I’d say I’m somewhat of a noob here. I have an Audiophonics lpa-s400et power amp and kef q950 towers. I would like to build a system using at minimum two subwoofers with MSO, Dirac, REW, or some other software I currently know nothing about to correct for room modes in my 25’x11’x7.25’...
  2. monophreak

    Splitting signals for a hearing aid and headphone - Balance XLR on the Phonitor 2

    Hello Everyone at Audio Science Review! This post is a little bit niche but I can see there is a substantial amount of expertise on this forum. My situation is as follows. I have been Single Sided Deaf (left ear) for most of my life (with a working ear on the right). Fortunately, I recently...
  3. Sparky

    REW not seeing RME USB interface??

    Hi all, So I set myself up today to re-calibrate my system which I was looking forward to but have had problems with REW not seeing my DAC's digital interface? I use an RME ADI2 PRO fs be and am connected to my laptop via a USB cable yet REW only sees the analogue 1+2 interface? Can anyone shed...
  4. Sparky

    RME ADI2 PRO set up assistance with Auto-Ref oddity

    Hi all, I have posted a fair few posts in the past regarding the set-up of my 8341AWM's with subwoofers so I guess one more post won't do any harm! :) As mentioned previously, I have recently purchased a pair of Arendal 1723 1S subwoofers to go with my Genelec 8341AWM's and am really happy...
  5. Sparky

    RME ADI2 PRO FS R be Filters

    Hi all, Just a quick question really. Is there any way to NOT use any of the filters included in the RME ADI2 PRO? I'm using Genelec 8341 SAM Speakers which have their own DSP in-built so do not want any filtering applied to the signal before the SAM speakers. Is this possible at all??
  6. Comrade Sandwich

    Reasonably knowledgeable audiophile (listener) wants to add EV RE20 Mic to Setup

    Hi there friends. I've been around the forums for a little while though but this is my first forum post. I've mostly just been here for troubleshooting, reviews, hardware measurements and general knowledge. Want to take a second to thank everyone especially Amir for the endless amount of...
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