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  1. M

    Will I Damage My Speakers? (Building my first setup)

    Long time lurker on the forums, but finally made an account :) So I'm putting together my first home hi-fi system (that'll reside in my living room) and will pull double duties for music listening and for TV. My listening position will be the couch, which will be about 10 feet from the...
  2. Sparky

    Purifi 1et400a monoblocks with Revel M126be?

    Hi all. I'm considering a purchase of the Revel M126be speakers which are quite rare over here in England. They are 4 grand a pair which is a LOT of money especially when you consider there are no ex-demo, used or home trials available due to them being a "special order" which means there are...
  3. MickeyBoy

    Infinity Reference 162 - Revel quality for $175/pair - comments?

    This design is 5+ years old, but has the typical marks of Revel speakers: curved sides, oblong waveguide for tweeter, CMMD membranes, &c. More detail here: I have been unable to find many reviews. There is a 5-year warranty with free returns within 30 days; Harman...
  4. dallasjustice

    Harman Sells Out to Samsung Btw, their stock is up 25% today.
  5. amirm

    AXPONA: Revel Speakers, Mark Levinson 585 Amplifier

    Sorry for the paucity of pictures. Troy was dragging me around and I could not spend quality time taking pictures!!! :D Anyway, this was another dealer showing Revel speakers in a much smaller room. These are the lower end but newest designs from Revel. They use the same fancy waveguide...
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