1. V

    Rephase, phase corrected put can't hear a difference

    Hello, I had already corrected my bumps and minor dips with REW and APO i have a set of genelec 8030 on a table and a svs 1000 pro. the crossover is digital at 65hz done by the sound card. I learned of rephase recently. I only did the mid and highs as i read this was best. and unwarping the...
  2. AudioBoy

    Is it possible to automatically correct the phase using REW arithmetics?

    Hello guys! I was wondering is it possible to correct the phase using REW mathematics? What prevent us to use this app potential to get rid of excessive phase elements in our measurements and get nearly perfect FIR filter which then could be used in Roon or Equalizer APO? Of course there is...
  3. N

    Dirac-like impulse response corrections in rePhase?

    I've been playing around with a Dirac live trial - being used to using simple parametric filters only - and it really seems to clean things up in the time domain. Image heavy: Does anyone here know what they're doing under water? And how one would go about implementing similar 'mixed...
  4. Le Concombre

    Target Curves, should What You See be What You Get?

    Puzzled by the Harman Curve presented here : and attached in a smoothed version here, I have aligned the Time Windowed Vector Average of a bunch of measurements one can make in REW to this 16 dB wide sinuous Harman...
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