1. Y

    Replace “Connect it E” cable from Project with something longer

    I recently picked up the DC Carbon Esprit turntable made by Pro-ject Audio systems from Sonos. This turntable has a phono line / preamp switch. Link here - The device comes with a RCA cable referred to as the...
  2. R

    Pro-Ject Carbon Evo vertical tracking angle

    Hi, I've just purchased a Pro-Ject Carbon Evo turntable. One of the first things I noticed that the carbon tonearm is not paralell with the record surfaces. The cartrige is a pre-mounted Ortofon m2 model (standard in Europe). The height of the tonearm is fixed, it can only be lifted with a shim...
  3. O

    Ask help about Pro-Ject Phono box DS2 usb

    hello eveyone,I am a novice. I recently encountered a problem. I use a Pro-JECT Phono DS2 usb to rip the record and want to import the phone. and the volume is particularly small, the computer driver can display the device, but it feels like it does not provide a magnifying signal without Phono...
  4. R

    Any feedback about the pro-ject pre box s2 analog as analog switch?

    Does anyone is using The pro-ject pre box s2 analog as analog switch between 2 sources? Since it is pretty affordable (249€) and has a remote control, I am thinking about it to easily switch between an home cinema set-up (AVR) and a hifi set-up (DAC with volume control). Specs seem to be pretty...
  5. T

    Pro-Ject DAC Box e mobile

    Hy, I'm new to the headphone game (some experience with speakers) and I bought a Sennheiser HD 58xx jubilee to start it off. Now I'm looking for something to power it on the go and I came across the Pro-Ject DAC Box e mobile. Now I have some Pro-ject gear and I think it's a good brand and I was...
  6. aris

    Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra - Need disk image copy

    I bought one of these recently, and was enjoying it fully, until for some reason I decided to install a base level Raspbian Buster without first making a copy of the default Volumio installed disk! Now of course I discover that the BT/Wifi chipset (LM811 based, so using Realtek 8723BU Linux...
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