1. R

    SMSL T2 MQA CD Transport from the VMV series new at the High End trade fair

    SMSL has quietly presented its new T2 MQA CD Transport from the VMV series at the High End trade fair in Munich. Price about 1000 $/€ or more...
  2. Mantra

    what/which dsp effects software player do you use mostly to listen muisic?

    Hi I used to play music with foobar2000 Since many albums have lots of trebles and sometime too sharp (for example I was listening radiohead ok computer I own the vinyl,cd and audio aac , it 's clipping and lots of trebles ), other could sound dull or too weak or loud or with a not pleasant Eq...
  3. A

    Anyone know of a Raspberry Pi player that has bookmarking?

    I have a lot of audio dramas and audiobooks, the problem is most players don’t have a bookmarking feature so it’s difficult to resume from where I left off.
  4. Mantra

    question about windows audio players output engines , are they all accurate?

    Hi I use mostly foobar2000 and sometime musicbee ,i have used aimp 4 and 5 Goldwave have the possibility to loopback record like audacity I'm not an expert , but seems the foobar2000 ,musicbee or other windows audio player output engine is different , i'm not sure about it ,but seem some...
  5. Mantra

    what software do you use play music and could advise my a good cheap external audio card?

    Hi 1) May I ask you what software do you use to play your music ? actually I use foobar2000 v2 64bit under w10 /w11 in wasapi explusive with dsp (like sox replay gain and gapkiller ) and Audirvāna Studio for macos (but it does crash often) ? 2)may you advise me a good bluetooth receiver (once...
  6. PaperBoat

    Dark themes for Foobar2000 64-bit

    I'm looking for some black themes for Foobar2000 64-bit... Anyone here could help?
  7. PaperBoat

    ASIO Buffer size

    Please help me to understand Buffer and Sample size functions in ASIO devices. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------First scenario------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Foobar2K buffer is...
  8. PaperBoat

    Fabfilter Pro MB as DSP?

    Anyone here using this professional tool as a DSP in consumer environment?
  9. T

    Has there ever been a DAP using button cell?

    I would like to get one
  10. PaperBoat

    Audiophile music player for Windows/Mac and your opinion...

    The best audiophile music player for Windows/ Mac as per your choice and why do you like it?
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