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  1. fountain

    Is there a lack of audio players on the market?

    I post this because I have noticed that on Amazon, for example, that it is the largest marketplace in the world, if you search for an mp3 you will only find ones of very dubious quality and strange brands that no one knows with very strange names, I have tried two, and both have presented...
  2. J

    Strawberry. Open Source cross platform music player

    Hi all, Thought I'd share this Open Source cross platform music player. Found it while looking for a foobar alternative. I'm using the Windows version and have pretty good experience so far. It has support for Subsonic, Tidal and Qobuz too. Web page here:
  3. H

    How to download songs to the mconnect Player for offline listening

    Using mconnect Player Lite on my iPhone to listen to my music on the phone from a UPnP server. Works well. Now I would like to download songs for offline listing. Has anybody achived this? If the Lite version can't do it, can the paid version (connect Player) do it?
  4. Raitsa

    Raspberry Pi based music listening/streaming

    Hey guys, hopefully this is ok for amirm, not really supposed to be an ad or anything... but there are quite a few of us who are using the Raspberry Pi as a music player / streamer and I have set up a new Telegram group for us whole love the Pi. Whats that Telegram about I hear you ask, well...
  5. baoshan

    Introducing Tonal – A Minimalist Music App for Collectors and Audiophiles

    Hello, members of ASR! We’re looking for some pilot users for a new service. If you’re a music collector or audiophile with a Mac computer, I believe our new solution Tonal will bring you a better music experience. Tonal is a minimalist music app for collectors and audiophiles. With Tonal...
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