1. Jim Shaw

    Vinyl Heads, Take Note

    Just today, this video was posted on YouTube. The subject is cutting vinyl masters at Abbey Road Studios. The publisher is Sound on Sound, an insider's channel for audio professionals. Lots of us are left scratching our heads over the resurgent popularity of vinyl recordings. For those who are...
  2. Mystical Boar

    What defines a good near-field speaker?

    I've seen a lot of threads about near-field listening, but I struggle to find a concrete info about what exactly makes a speaker good for near-field listening in terms of measurements. Is it mostly linear on-axis response combined with early reflections and good directivity, or is there...
  3. JeremyFife

    Audio Science review of Music ... any options or standards?

    Hi All, I'm new here - so let me know if this is wildly off topic or has already been dealt with. This site is messing with my head (re-educating me) about equipment; gone are my dreams of beautiful class-A valve monoblocks costing more than my car and instead I'm thinking about teeny little...
  4. gamersensual14

    [Help!] Best studio monitors for recording, mixing and mastering?

    Hi everyone! :) I just discovered this forum and it seems to be lot of knowledgeable people here! I'm Adrian and I would like to get a pair of monitors that can do basically everything related to music creation, from beginning to end, that means: composing, producing, recording, mixing and...
  5. Le Concombre

    A collection of tracks spectrum

    Now that I have achieved a quiver of 3 sets of DRC filters that satisfies me both emotionally and intellectually#, I listen to music but plugged mu Umik in REW, checking for SPL and eventual anomalies. I think interesting to share the RTA measurements obtained with "Average forever" settings...
  6. Saidera

    The Future of Mastering

    I have an impression that mastering engineers design their own gear, use rare in-house devices or analogue gear, and yet start from scratch all the time when thinking about how a particular project can be tweaked to sound as good as possible with the minimum of intervention. Many of them have...
  7. B

    Time for an upgrade! Best Studio Monitors under $4000?

    Hey all! First time posting here. So glad to find this forum as I'm a believer in measurements to help dispel all the marketing we are saturated with! I run a mixing and mastering studio and I'm looking to upgrade my monitors that served me well the last 10 years (Dynaudio BM5A). I'm in a...
  8. R

    The cheapest mastering monitor solution?(20-20khz flat)

    Maybe Neumann KH80dsp + JBL LSR310? (We all know mastering level gear is too expensive....) Like :WSDG like using Lipinski L707A as mastering monitor..... Bob Ludwig use Eggleston Work IVY...... Will it directivity bad or other problem?
  9. RichB

    Will streaming return dynamic range to recordings?

    There was recent article by Steven Stone titled "How Streaming Killed The Loudness War": It is interesting and seems plausible with automated volume leveling normalization. Here the referenced video "The...
  10. pozz

    Lecture Library

    Roughly sorted according to theme, and chosen because I think they're worth listening to. The difficulty ranges from introductory to real heavy. Part of the way I dive into a topic is to find lectures by knowledgeable people and then build archives. So maybe others will find this useful as...
  11. L

    Apple Music launches Apple Digital Masters collection of high-quality songs

    Interesting announcement by Apple: Seems to be AAC 256kbit not ALAC and 24bit source material. Not quite sure what Apple are announcing to be honest or if this is more PR...
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