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    New Wharfedale speakers - but which one?

    Hello together, im planning to buy a second pair of speakers maybe for my main system or for my second system. On my main system i use KEF R3 Meta speakers. The current favorites for the second speakers are: - Wharfedale EVO 4.3 - Wharfedate EVO 4.4 - Wharfedale Linton The plan is to buy...
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    KEF R3 Meta vs Linton vs ?

    Hello, Need suggestion here, looking for upgrade in speaker. From Audioengine HDP6, i want to buy the replacement. Seems like KEF R3 and Linton got nice review here (and in Erin‘s review). No floorstanding because my job require me to move from time to time to another town (about 2 years). In...
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    Need advice on floor speakers, budget around 1,500 $

    Hello I’m considering buying a pair of speakers to go along with a new amplifier and streamer. I haven’t bought anything yet, but I’m pretty sure about the amplifier, Yamaha A-S501, and streamer, WiiM Pro. I hope to find a pair that can play nicely without the need of a subwoofer due to space...
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    B&W 706S2 to KEF R3, M16 or Linton?

    Hello everyone, A search for new speakers is always a challenge. Currently I have the Bowers & Wilkins 706S2 at home as my main stereo setup and I'm somewhat pleased with the sound of them. They sound very good with Jazz but I have the idea that they aren't a relaxed listening. Much details and...
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