kii three

  1. C

    Help me pick an active speaker setup

    Hi All, I need a new hifi setup and would like to go active, ideally with built in DSP. I also ideally like cardioid directionality if possible given the space available in my home, and need to be near walls. I need a set of speakers for my bedroom, and another for my living room/main...
  2. ObjectiveSubjectivist

    Dedicated (almost/semi dedicated) listening room setup

    Hi folks. I've been a headphone listener for quite some time. With my new place that is coming in the next year or so I've decided to dedicate one room for 2 channel setup (possibly changing into multichannel/cinema system in the future). Room dimensions are 3.5m X 5.6m. I plan to divide it...
  3. A

    Studio Monitor review requests: iLoud, Amphion, ATC, Kii Audio, HEDD, Ex-Machina Soundworks, Focal, PSI, Avantone, Yamaha NS10M, Auratone, Unity Audio

    Would love to see @amirm measure and review the following studio monitors: If Brad Lunde from TransAudio Group, anyone from Ex-Machina Soundworks, or any US distributors/dealers for Amphion, HEDD, Kii Audio who are on this forum could please kindly make this happen, it would be awesome! Many...
  4. Matias

    Kii Three Measurements

    Here are some interesting new measurements of the Kii Three.
  5. Purité Audio

    Kii THREE versus Dutch&Dutch 8C

    Dutch&dutch 8C versus kii THREE, there can be only one! Keith
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