1. O

    Will an impedance adapter improve matching of low impedance headphones to old EMU 0404 USB Audio interface?

    I have a USB audio interface, a beloved EMU0404 USB. It's a bit dated, and the specs are not exactly top of the line, compared to today's best, but it's acceptable, and should save me having to shell out more money, in the short term, for the latest greatest USB DAC. I've been following Julian...
  2. J

    Topping DX3 pro + and Sennheiser HD 600 Hi-gain vs Low-gain.

    Hey all, First post here. Fairly new to the hobby. A few months ago I upgraded from a Creative Sound Blasterx G6 with a pair of Beyer DT 900 pro X (48ohm) to a Topping DX3 pro + with a pair of Sennheiser HD 600 (300 ohm). Whenever I read discussions regarding Hi-gain vs Low-gain settings on...
  3. R

    L30 II and Aune X7S comparison. Output impedance effects on different types of headphones.

    So I have this new amplifier aune X7S(2021 version) and here at asr it was measured to have rather high output impedance(about 11 ohms). But I also have a topping L30 II with me and I wanted to sell one of the amps so I compared their sound on the single ended outputs with the Hifiman HE400SE(28...
  4. P

    Audient iD24 Headphone Output

    I'm looking to upgrade my Focusrite 2i2 2nd gen and I've narrowed down the search, for now, to mainly the Audient iD24 which seems like a great interface and also got a pretty good review from Julian Krause. However, there's one thing that kept me from pulling the trigger and that was the...
  5. Z

    Is the MOTU M2 enough to drive the ATH R70x?

    Hello, I just want preface this post by saying that I am a complete newbie with anything audio and realize my initial research may have not been extensive enough. I just bought a M2 and the R70x ( have only received the M2, still waiting on the R70x) but have come to the realization that the M2...
  6. GurvanBHC

    Tweeter impedance problem

    Hey, can someone tell me if you find the Monacor curve’s normal? The Aliexpress tweeter seems normal to me but the Monacor I have never seen such a curve, the second Monacor tweeter is already better than the first... (measured with DATS V3) Thank you in advance
  7. daniboun

    Hundreds of speakers measured here! impressive list)

    Hi amigos, I discovered this site yesterday... do you want measurements? measures you will have! Here's an impressive list of measures categorized by brands.
  8. N

    Building a perfect headphone system.

    Hello fellow ASR members, I'm looking for advice with respect to building a headphone system. Although my Activo DAP sounds good, I want to build a "reference" headphone system so I can easily quantify (at least subjectively) different headphones as I buy more in the future, based on perceived...
  9. Dilettante

    Consequences of the mismatched impedances

    Looking at various fet-based inline preamps, they all tend to have rather high impedance. For example, popular Klark CT-1 Input impedance 7 kΩ Maximum input level -15 dBu Output Impedance 2 k Maximum gain +25 dB, 10 kΩ load Maximum output level +10 dBu, 10 kΩ load Let's...
  10. dodecahedron

    Topping DX3 Pro+ with Headphones with Low Impedance and High Sensitivity

    After reading a lot of confusing comments about the Topping DX3 Pro+'s limited support of low impedance headphones, I’m trying to figure out if I will run into any clipping issues (or protection circuit issues) with that amp if I pair it with my Audeze LCD-X headphones. Here are my rudimentary...
  11. xtrap225

    impedance question for electronics wizards.

    i am hoping someone with a very good understanding of electronics can answer this for me. i have this AIYIMA A3001 TPA3255 Subwoofer amplifier, and i am wondering if it has intelligence or inherent or otherwise that would prevent you from plugging in a subwoofer wired down to 1ohm. i have...
  12. M

    Headphone impedance and amp load

    Hello everyone, I recently ran into a question I had in regards to headphone power and amp load. I purchased a Singxer SA-1 after I saw so many glowing reviews about this amplifier and based on what I gather in this forum the class A spec is as below: SA-1's Class A model: Balanced 16 ohm...
  13. M

    Stereophile has started calculating EPDR. And he is going back to previous reviews and adding this in. EPDR (Equivalent Peak Dissipation Resistance) takes the impedance and phase data and computes a new impedance that shows what equivalent...
  14. R

    Matching headphone impedance against OEM specs

    So I use http:// www. digizoid. com/ power .php to calculate the mW needed to power headphones. My HiFiMan HE400i impedance is 35ohms and my bayerdynamics custom studios are 80ohms. Most manufacturer specs state for 16/32/300 ohms like for example: - My fiio k3 specs on unbalanced output...
  15. Earfonia

    In-Ear Monitor Impedance Curve Measurement

    I've been playing around with measurement of In-Ear monitor Impedance Curve using REW Impedance measurement feature. Many thanks to @JohnPM for the great software! So here I just simply want to share my setup and things that I've learnt so far. The setup: Audio Interface: RME Babyface Pro...
  16. M

    Measurement to show difficult load handling (high phase)?

    A high phase angle (45°) results in an amplifier becoming less efficient, dissipating more heat, so it needs to draw more power to make up for that loss in wattage. If a speaker is low impedance and high phase, it really taxes the amp and many amps will not be able to draw enough power to...
  17. M

    Loudspeaker/Driver wattage handling with <8ohm.

    When a company says that their 4 or 6 ohm loudspeaker or driver handles say 100W, is that 100W at the nominal impedance, or 8ohm? To further illustrate, if Seas sells a tweeter that’s 4ohm and handles 50W, is that 50W into 4ohm (only 25W into 8ohm) or is that 50W into 8ohm (100W into 4ohm)...
  18. S

    Matching devices - impedance etc

    Hi, I have a newbie doubt on how to go about matching devices. I recently had my chinese DAC die on me due to what i think might be a power fluctuation and i went back to my old Schiit modi multibit, feeding it directly into my tired old receiver being used as the 2.1 amp. Well, the setup...
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