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  1. LevityProject

    Headphones, Sonarworks and Harman Curves

    I've been harping on a few things in the forum, and I'm noticing that I am either missing something huge (which I'd be grateful to understand better) or I'm onto something, but I need more information. Perhaps it's a bit of both. Here's some context. I use Sonarworks to calibrate my headphones...
  2. A

    What is the target frequency response/curve of a well treated room?

    Hi. I have seen many posts and articles where they show how to analyze and get flat response curves for speakers. However, none of them show how the frequency response of a well treated room looks like. Then I found this video: And from what I understand is that, flat frequency response studio...
  3. D

    Was anybody at the Sean Olive talk at CanJam?

    Was anybody at the Sean Olive talk at CanJam & if so, do you have pictures of his slides? A friend who attended said Sean revealed he's not using "Harman In-Room Flat" anymore & is using the same 5128 DF baseline as Crinacle & Headphones.com, which was suspicious and unexpected. He said Sean...
  4. Z

    Audiophile hobby is a scam?

    Hi Guys! Please help me understand, because I do not know If I am missing something, or the whole audiophile hobby is a scam. I have several headphones with different frequency responses (namely: AKG K712 PRO, Grado SR225i, Sennheiser HD559, Sennheiser HD560S, Audio-Technica AD700X, AKG K371)...
  5. IAtaman

    Can you tell which headphone is more compliant to Harman Research?

    Below you can see two raw FR graphs of two separate headphones, measured with the GRAS measurement rig that was used in the preference research, plotted together with Harman AE/OE target (green) alongside the error curve (red) showing how much they deviate from the target for each frequency...
  6. Soria Moria

    FiiO FT3. The most overlooked headphone?

    A few days ago I came across the headphone FiiO FT3. I had never heard about it and apparently it released only a few months. I was shocked when I found a measurement of it and saw that it actually measures pretty great. How and why have I not seen more discussion of this headphone here?! Yes...
  7. V

    Question about AutoEQ and REW for headphone EQ correction

    Hello everyone. Today I did a little experiment: I downloaded the Harman 2018 over ear target curve from AutoEQ repository and also the headphones measurement available there. I then used REW to equalize the headphones to the downloaded Harman target curve and, unexpectedly, the result doesn't...
  8. V

    What is the flattest target curve?

    There seems to be a downward spiral that leads us to nowhere here. I've read and watched tons of reviews and articles, yet there seems to be no conclusion. Some people say that the Etymotic target is flat, some say that the Harman target is flat, some say that the IEF Neutral target is flat...
  9. Another_Moon

    I find a error? About DCA Stealth & AKG K361.

    It started with the fact that I was disappointed with the AKG K361 headphones, they seem to fit the Harman curve, plus I used the oratory1990 EQ, started listening and ... I didn’t like it. I think: well, how is it, here are the headphones, smartly made for the right purpose, they have much...
  10. Soria Moria

    Is the Harman target the most neutral headphone target?

    Hi. In the headphone and IEM space I've noticed that people tend to refer to headphones with flat measuring bass as neutral, but from my own listening using Oratory's EQ presets on various headphones and the Quarks DSP, any headphone that alligns with the Harman target sounds a LOT more like a...
  11. M

    Harman target curve for OE and IE

    Hi, does anyone have a Harman target curve in excel or any different file? I am looking for a target curve for both headphones and earphones.
  12. D

    Best budget Harman tuned headphones? (JBL Tune 710, AKG K371/361, AKG N700)

    Hi everyone, I am about to get my first budget pair of Harman tuned headphones. I am considering the following: JBL Tune 710 60 Euros AKG K371/361 160 euros AKG N700 NC 100 euros I am leaning towards JBL Tune 710, not because of the price range, but because of the measurements also, but...
  13. L

    How was the Harman target for IE and Speakers achieved?

    I feel like its pretty well known that the Harman consumer target response for over ear was conducted using the HD800S, but how did they determine the preference target when it came to IEM's and loudspeakers? I would assume that different fields would have yielded different results based on the...
  14. M

    Looking for BT/ANC over ear with 'hardware EQ'

    Hello there! This is my first post in this forum. I am growing out of my Fostex T50RP mk ii and out of wired headphones altotogether. I am looking for versatile (codec and connectivty wise) BT over ear headphones with solid build quality that will last me some years, which sadly disqualifies...
  15. S

    Wavelet is such a miracle

    I have got the buds pro and at first I was a little bit disappointed as I was literally downgrade from a 7 units 1dd 4ba 2est iem to the buds pro. Then I try to toggle the samsung built-in eq to decrease the mid bass and lower mids. It sounds better but nothing groundbreaking. Until I was...
  16. S

    Aeon 2 Noire

    I received these today and I had to make this thread to gush over how fantastic they are! I bought a pair of Hifiman Ananda as my first “audiophile” headphones, based on the usual subjective reviews and found myself struggling with the sound signature. Resolved this when I found AutoEQ and...
  17. J

    Which target should I use when choosing studio/stage IEM?

    Lately I've been searching for IEMs to use in my studio and as my live in-ear-monitor. (I'm a student studying music, and currently play the guitar at church) I'm looking for an IEM on the crinacle IEM list for an IEM which I can trust that it's neutural and uncolored and flat so I can make...
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