1. M

    Python module to manage Genelec SAM

    I'm working on an open source Python module genlc (Genelec Loudspeaker Control) to (automatically/manually) control Genelec SAM range of monitors/subwoofers: So far the genlc module supports just some of the basics; discovery of all devices, wakeup &...
  2. Sparky

    Help to align Genelec 8341's with standard pair of subwoofers

    Hi all. I have dumped all my passive gear in favour of an "active" set up as I feel that this is the way forward. After spending a long time reading reviews and scouring the internet, I landed on a pair of Genelec 8341's. The in depth reviews and discussion on this forum certainly helped with...
  3. R

    Genelec - GLM 3.2.0

    Hi everyone, I just setup my Genelecs 8341s + 2x7350 subwoofers, which I decided to get based on Amir's review, and couldn't be happier with the sound and quality. I set them up using the latest GLM software released two days ago (v3.2.0 for Mac) and seems there may be a bug. In short, after...
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