1. J

    Topping DX3 pro + and Sennheiser HD 600 Hi-gain vs Low-gain.

    Hey all, First post here. Fairly new to the hobby. A few months ago I upgraded from a Creative Sound Blasterx G6 with a pair of Beyer DT 900 pro X (48ohm) to a Topping DX3 pro + with a pair of Sennheiser HD 600 (300 ohm). Whenever I read discussions regarding Hi-gain vs Low-gain settings on...
  2. M

    DT 990 PRO VS HD600

    I read the forum and realized that the DT 990 is not liked enough here)). The fact is that I like a more “Brighter sound”, and as I understand it, the DT 990 PRO may sound exactly it, in contrast to the HD 600. But looks like 990`s have more distorted sound. Is the difference in distortion...
  3. D

    AVR Power Consumption

    I want to determine how much power my AVR can output with my speaker system. The AVR I use comes with 240W power supply, and it supports 7.2 set up with 6 Ohm or higher impedance speakers. My speaker setup will be 3.0.2: 2 L/R 8 Ohm 30W-100W RMS 89dB speakers, 1 center 6 Ohm 25W-100W RMS 89dB...
  4. R

    Please help with speaker placement in my awkwardly shaped room

    Dear ASR members, Could anyone advise which speaker arrangement would be more favorable for me in this type of room ? The size is between ~12-16 sq m I don't remember clearly. The proportions are pretty much accurate that I drew in paint. No room treatment nor room correction yet. If needed I...
  5. Anynameyouwish

    Hello from Gloucester uk

    Hi, So I’m trying to get the setup sorted so I can sit in comfort and spend some quality time on the sofa. Not yet wired up: Kef q900 floorstanders pair (bought used) Arcam delta 290 amp ( bought used) Arcam power amp ( faulty/used) Prev setup : Arcam 7se CD ( had for many years)...
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