1. O

    Help with understanding sampling rate for DSP.

    Hi, quick question. I’m looking at the DMP-A8 and its DSP capabilities. I see people talking about the fact that the DSP resamples hi res audio to 48khz. On this site I thought it was pretty well established that “hi res” audio (specifically its sampling rate for the purposes of this discussion)...
  2. N

    Eversolo DMP - DIY web control panel v1.0

    I have recently bought a DMP-A6. I have a separate audio system hooked up to a computer I work on every day, and the DMP-A6 is plugged into my second stereo system, which is located underneath my TV. The DMP-A6 is all great, however, one thing was quite irritating - the inability to control the...
  3. nawfal07

    Eversolo AMP-F2 Class D Power Amplifier (Coming Soon)

    Eversolo has teased a new product at the Shanghai International Smart Home Exhibition last week. It's a Class D power amplifier and if I can read it right the model name is AMP-F2. This will be the first amplifier from the company, which is a subsidiary of Zidoo. Their first few products...
  4. R

    Set-Up around Eversolo DMP-A6

    Hi all, I’m a newbie who has read through the forums here the last couple days to step up from a Denon M40 to a proper HiFi setup. I mainly stream classical music. I’d also use the speakers for our TV. The room is fairly small (3x4m) but with high ceilings and open to an adjacent larger room...
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