1. Mantra

    can smartphone bluetooth volume damage an amp?

    hi i have few android smartphones , and i have installed aimp audio player and some internet radio players now a friend of mine has borrowed/give to me a marantz MODEL 40n , beautiful amp and not cheap I would like to play and test via bluetooth should i take the smartphone bluetooth volume...
  2. P

    Could someone tell me all the ways I could damage this amp?

    Hello all. I have an Audiophonics LPA-S400ET power amp and I was wondering if it has any of these so called protection features I've been hearing about. Does anyone know what it cannot protect against? Main reason I ask is I have this headphone amp (Sterling SHA4) I got awhile ago at a guitar...
  3. N

    Blew out the woofers on my brand new speakers, need help to find the cause

    Hello, I installed an entire new system in May and things had sounded amazing until I screwed up this weekend. I was demonstrating the system for some guests (showing off) and it was suggested I play a YouTube video that showed the frequency and played the according sound. This video had...
  4. U

    Advice needed: tweeter damage from a high frequency pure tone test

    Hi there. I made a classic beginner mistake, and played a pure 18k tone fairly loudly (not quite max volume, but probably not far off) through a pair of floor-standers. Shortly after, after actually thinking, I realised I could have damaged the tweeters. I downloaded a frequency analyser app on...
  5. M

    Setting the attenuation of an Extron amp into a pair of Chora 826

    Hi there. I'm an inexperienced audio person, and have recently set up an Extron XPA 1002 amp (non-plus version, so rated at 60W @ 8 Ohm and 100W @ 4 Ohm) driving a pair of Chora 826 (8 Ohm nominal, 2.9 Ohm min). Actually chose both of these by reading this website, so thanks! (The DAC is the...
  6. K

    Is it safe to connect Objective2+ODAC 3.5mm to powered speaker?

    Hi, I have tried to connect my audioengine a5+ to my objective2+odac but the RCA-outputs just wont work. What I am waondering about is if it's completely safe for the active speakers if I would connect them directly to the amplified 3.5mm on the objective2+odac? Will I damage the speaker?
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