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  1. Harmonie

    Audiophile jewelry - most beautiful Cd players, turntables and other gear

    We have beautiful pics of loudspeakers, cars, watches and else. Just for the beauty's sake of it, show the most beautiful pieces of gear. and don't come up with CD jewel cases !
  2. A

    Network streamer or a better DAC

    Hi, I purchased the Topping E30 based on the good reviews, so far really enjoy this DAC, but I have a question and hope you can help. I have two input sources: CD and streaming, and three setups to listen to music: (1) CD: Teac CD-P1260 (only RCA output, no optical or coaxial, 1-bit Dual D/A...
  3. BobbyTimmons

    Anyone find it far more rewarding listening to real physical CDs on a CD player, rather than using FLACs? And why do you find this?

    I've spent the last couple of years ripping a lot more of my CDs (around another 1000 classical and jazz CDs) to FLAC. However, I sometimes wonder why I bother. I've re-discovered in the last months that is it far more enjoyable to just play the original CDs on a CD player, than sending them...
  4. pma

    Review and Measurements of Marantz SA7001 CD/SACD player

    Marantz SA7001 CD/SACD player Marantz SA7001 is a nicely built unit of the year 2006 that was capable to play CD and SACD discs. As now, it only plays CD discs for me, so it is only tested as a CD player. Photos of the front and rear view SA7001 has detachable 2-pin IEC mains cord Photos...
  5. pma

    DAC vs. CD player shootout (measurements)

    CD player vs. DAC shootout I was curious to compare parameters of the nicely built CD player Vincent CD-S3 (2004) vs. a good but not the newest DAC, Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus (2012). Cambridge DacMagic Plus was already tested here. Vincent CD-S3 is a player with HDCD decoding option and has...
  6. pma

    Review and Measurements of Trend DV-821A universal DVD player

    Trend DV-821A This is a review and measurements of a cheap DVD player, Trend DV-821A. It costed about $35 in 2009. It plays DVD/MP4/SVCD/VCD/CD/HD-CD/WMA/MP3/JPEG files. Parameters as per user manual: Frequency response … 20Hz – 20kHz / +/-1dB / Fs = 192kHz Audio S/N … >= 90dB Dynamic range...
  7. pma

    Review and Measurements of ONKYO DV-SP503E universal player (2005)

    ONKYO DV-SP503E universal player I bought this universal player in 2005 and it is still working. It is based on cheap TI PCM1742 D/A converter. It works now only with original CDs (does not read CD-R well), reads DVD and DVD-A and has troubles with SACD. So I restricted my CD measurements to...
  8. pma

    Review and Measurements of Technics SL-PG100 vintage CD player

    Technics SL-PG100 This was my first CD player, bought in 1991. It is based on MN66271 1-bit MASH converter. It is incredible but it works flawlessly till nowadays. However, I never liked the sound of the unit and replaced it soon with SONY XA-2ES. Technics was also responsible for my initial...
  9. typericey

    Let's talk CD Players!

    Did a title search here and did not find much discussion. - Do you still own a dedicated* CD Player (or players)? *plays CDs only Why or why not? - If yes, what model(s)? Pics would be nice. - anecdotes about CD playback most welcome - links to measurements of CD players also welcome
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