1. Huang Jerry

    Thanks ChatGPT, Couldn't Have Said it Better.

    A quick ChatGPT session yielded me a (very comprehensive and accurate!) summary of ASR. Q: Tell me about Audio Science Review A: Now that I think about it, should've chuck it into ASR's Wikipedia page.
  2. Dilettante

    Online spreadsheet with "all" measurements

    Given the number of reviews performed by @amirm & Co. it gets hard to find how one device relates to another. I suspect it also creates a headache for Amir as graphs gets outdated. How about an online spreadsheet where information can be kept up-to-date? Given the popularity of this forum...
  3. Racheski

    ASR Review & Measurement Dashboards 2.0

    I'm excited to announce the re-launch of the ASR Review & Measurement Dashboards! Audio Electronics Review & Measurements Index Speaker Review & Measurements Index Headphone Review & Measurements Index Building off of the previous work by the ASR data team, the new Dashboards have a much...
  4. B

    No more ASR Discord - Stop asking.

    I will not post the link here since that would just get spam, but PM or post if you want in.
  5. pozz

    Master Review Index

    Links to reviews, measurements, explanatory articles, listening tests and other resources. ASR Youtube Channel & Wiki Speakers Speaker Review Index: Reviews, rankings and scatterplot by @Racheski (Feedback Thread) Loudspeaker Preference Ratings: Calculations and comparisons by @MZKM (Feedback...
  6. pozz

    Master Index of Audio Hardware Reviews [Defunct]

    [Click here for the current index. This thread is now defunct.]
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