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    Denon AVR-2700H or Marantz NR1200 for a 2 Channel System - Update 2700H out of consideration - other choices?

    Bouncing back and forth attempting to set up a new office/den system. Probably 50/50 music and TV, Looking at both of these since they both have ARC which seems to make life easier as you can use the TV remote to turn on the TV and the receiver using the HDMI ARC system and control volume...
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    SOLD!!!: Paradigm PW Link streamer pre-amp ARC room correction

    Longtime ASR lurker here -- couldn't live without the great reviews and community advice -- but first-time seller, though I have feedback on other sites and forums. This is a fully featured digital streamer and preamplifer with Anthem ARC room correction built in. You can stream via the app...
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    ARC / eARC enabled DAC?

    Hello, I was unclear where to put this, but here goes: I currently have a THX Onyx and a Topping E50. Both work great, but I'm looking for a device which can preserve ARC and/or eARC volume control. Basically I'd like to be able to use my Apple TV 4K (2021) controller as I do now, without...
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    Best HDMI (e)ARC to coaxial or AES/EBU

    I know not many people use HDMI ARC to coaxial interfaces. It seems to be the best way to get audio from a TV (even if it's only 48kHz, I wonder if eARC could be any better). Anyway, my question is, what are the good hdmi arc to coaxial interfaces you know? There are the Chinese 'audio...
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    Poor sound quality via TV optical output

    I have a 2.0 powered shelf speakers (Microlab Solo 7c) that where previously connected to a non-smart-tv audio output and to a pc in its 3.5mm audio output. At that time the sound was really great and when we watched Netflix and movies from the pc we really enjoyed the sound quality, it was...
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