1. R

    Any cheap RCA stereo amp with either volume for each channel or balance knob

    I'm looking for a relatively cheap RCA stereo amp that doesn't measure too badly and that ideally has a balance knob. I'm based in China so a Chinese brand is likely to be cheaper for me. Anyone knows any good one? I've tried looking but haven't had any luck so far. I plan to use it for a few...
  2. UrbanAnimism777

    Enough volume but not enough dynamics?

    Hi everyone, I'm relatively new to the audiophile world and I'm trying to understand the relationship between an amp providing enough volume and dynamics for power-hungry headphones. I tend to use a Topping L50 on my desktop setup, which drives my Drop 8XX (300 ohms of impedance and 103dB of...
  3. N

    Please help me choose

    Hello guys. I’m on a tight budget around 3000€-3500$ for an integrated amp. Last days I searched hours on this forum and YouTube and plenty others for different amps reviews. Somehow I started in mind with 1 model amp and ended up with even more models and more dilemmas. As for speaker i’m very...
  4. T

    Amp/DAC/Streamer - Value Priced

    Hello, I am a new member looking for some advice. Have a DIY new pair of HIVI/Swans 2.2A speakers and now need a small system to power them (sub $750 - less is best). The room size is about 20 feet square. I will be mostly wifi streaming music, using Bluetooth or connecting a USB SSD with Flac...
  5. Eidie

    Wanted...Help, guidance, a guru

    I started my journey with a NAD 3020e, Wharfedale Diamonds and a Dual turntable. The vageries of life have left me with a Denon AVR fed by an ipad via analogue. This is not acceptable. I have been lurking here for a few months & have been impressed with the knowledge, empiricism and cordiality...
  6. WickedInsignia

    The Scaling Myth

    By far the most prevalent argument in headphones for spending money on "better" amps is the idea that gear will scale. For example: The HD600 is generally considered a headphone that scales....or at least according to many laymen in the hobby. However in my experience talking with others here...
  7. M

    DAC + Amp suggestion for HD800s, LCD-2F?

    Hi all, I’d like to ask for advice on a decent DAC + Amp setup for a new hifi station I am planning on building that is somewhat future proof for the cans I am looking to buy down the line. TL;DR: I have 1000EUR to spend on a DAC and AMP (if combo, it needs preamp out like maybe the RME ADI-2)...
  8. S

    What amp/DAC should I get for k712 pro?

    Hello I've recently bought the k712 pro and have no knowledge on amp/DACs. I mostly play games followed by music and movies. I've been told I need something that can do 1w into 320 ohms. I doubt really know what that means but some dude said it when I posted I was buying the k712s. Ye...
  9. Blur

    Headphone Amp: Harsh vs Smooth

    I've been listening and comparing headphone gear for over 20 years now and want to see if any of you have the same experience as I. The Gear: Schiit Magni 3 SMSL SP200 THX ( Using the single ended inputs and output ) Headphone: Aeon Flow Open ( 2 notch filters ) With the Magni 3 I notice...
  10. G

    So, how many watts are my speakers?

    Hi, I got some old speakers that sounds really good and I need to buy an Amp. The problem is that I don't know how many watts the speakers are. We're talking about 2 speakers, each with: 1. woofer: Philips AD8061/W8 2. tweeter: Philips AD0161/T8 3. mid-range: MEROT 5030S, 8 ohms, 20 W For the...
  11. dallasjustice

    VU Meters: Let's See 'Em!!

    If you got 'em, post a pic. Or just post a pic of your favorite VU meters. Here's a Luxman 700u. I'll post the Luxman 900u later on.
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