1. dreadknot

    A Blended setup / need surround recommends

    my question is at the bottom first context My current ht setup is as followed tv - TCL 55-inch 6-Series 4K UHD Dolby Vision HDR QLED Roku Smart TV - 55R635 _____________________________________ source - NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Pro _____________________________________ av receiver -...
  2. H

    Upgrade path for headphones and dac/amp

    Hello, I’m trying to figure out a path forward from my current setup and could use some advice. Currently I run Focal Elegias with Dekoni fenestrated pads powered by a Monolith 124459 (THX ASA 788). I EQ with Oratory’s recommended EQ via Peace, with some little tweaks for a bit more bass...
  3. P

    Looking for software equalizer with wide range and multi-channel adjustment

    Hey everyone, I'm a big fan of analog and vintage tech, and I love having a ton of control over my sound. My current setup lets me adjust everything I want on each speaker with active crossovers and equalizers that go from 32khz to infinity (and beyond!). However, I can't exactly take all that...
  4. P

    Looking for Bookshelf Speakers with Clarity and Brightness for Nearfield Listening

    Hello everyone, Brazilian planning to buy speakers for my house in Argentina. I'm currently using a Sony STR-DE895 (more info below) receiver and I'm interested in finding a pair of bookshelf speakers that excel in clarity and have a slightly brighter sound signature. These speakers would...
  5. I

    Please help. Mic, speakers and headphones!

    Hello guys. Currently im using Audient id4 with Sennheiser HD 600 headphones and a shure sm7b microphone. I added a dynamite to the microphone, but it is still underpowered. I'm looking to add speakers, maybe like the KEF Q150, and was wondering how to have all these 3 things working well...
  6. S

    Windows PEQ with Logitec Media Server

    Advice request please. Does anyone know if PEACE / EqualizerAPO works inline with my Windows 11 Logitec Media Server / player setup? Importantly. I want to avoid resampling, other than the obvious PEQ changes. I use the USB out to my SMSL DAC. I play mainly flac files with a good proportion of...
  7. lerp

    Wiim Pro Plus + Fosi V3/BT20a Pro OR Yamaha R-N303?

    Hello everyone! I just picked up a pair of Definitive Technology BP-9020 speakers for a killer deal and am trying to decide which route to go with regards to amplification/interface. Budget is around the $300-350 USD range. I was planning on going with the Yamaha R-N303, but am wondering if...
  8. D

    Car Audio Installation - Tech Help with ALTERNATOR WHINE

    Hi all, I'm living a nightmare trying to chase down alternator whine in my system. I've been at it for a month. Please help me! I am fairly sure its alternator whine. My symptoms are whine when car is running, starts immediately after ignition, whine pitch rises and falls with engine RPMs...
  9. Some Luck

    Buzz off! Cant stop the buzz on my microphone/headphone

    Hi everyone, thanks for taking the time to look this over, its really driving me crazy. The problem: I am getting a loud buzzing noise, with a noticeable 60-hertz tone in my recordings. Where I'm at: First, everything is plugged into a single surge protector (just a bog standard one...
  10. S

    Advice on upgrading from QAcoustic M20HD and REL t7x for desktop nearfield

    I'm keen for your collective wisdom everyone. I'm seeking to upgrade my speakers from the Q Acoustic M20HD for desktop. They are mounted on speaker stands approx. 30cm (11-12inch) on my desk, perfect for tweeter at ear level. My room is about 50% treated, not an optimal size (square shape), but...
  11. Brand-Newbie’n

    Help Please ( pwr amp beneficial???) -Topping PA5 Plus (or similar) vs Bi-Amping Pioneer VSX-935 to Polk SE ES50 Speakers

    Hi all, I am fairly new to audio equipment. My hifi experience only extends to owning a portable Fiio M15S DAC, Fostex Headphones and an Escape portable speaker. Have never built a stereo setup. Anyways I just bought the below receiver and speakers, and am wondering how beneficial it would be...
  12. B

    Soundbar Replacement Advice

    Hi, the subwoofer for my LG SN9YG soundbar is no longer functioning (can’t figure out why), but it has me considering a replacement since there seem to be some decent sales going on now. I’m considering replacing my old soundbar with either: 1) LG S90QY soundbar 2) Klipsch Reference Cinema 5.1.4...
  13. R

    Stax srs-3100 system?

    I was wondering if my setup will work with a stax srs-3100 system. It is a Schiit Modi+ dac, then rca out to the srs-3100, then the parallel out to a schiit rekkr speaker amp. If there is any issues please lmk.
  14. Y

    Starting setup, X1700H vs X2800H (or DRA-800H?)

    Hey all! I'm starting my (completely new) audio system and I'm having some decision paralysis. I'll first sum up my expected use cases and then what I've researched so far. Use case: A mix of movies/series on the couch and music listening throughout the room. This music listening would usually...
  15. MMilan

    Piega Premium 301 Wireless Gen1: Seeking advice on interpreting (limited) measurements

    Dear Audio-Friends, First-timer and non-native speaker here, so apologies in advance for any mistakes. I sincerely hope that this post is located in the appropriate section of the forum. Feel free to move the post if I am wrong! Reason for this post: Seeking support for decision-making based...
  16. S

    PEQ Sennheiser HD560S vs upgrade to Sundara or Edition XS, or other HP

    I'm using Senheiser HD560s via UAPP with Oratory or Crinacle PEQ.through E1DA9038D DAC/amp. It really is a marvellous listening experience. Using model specific PEQs, would HiFiman Sundara (£300), Edition XS (£430) or any other headphone up to about that £400ish price range be superior and if so...
  17. T

    An Amp for the hifiman he1000

    Hey, I'm wondering if my topping ex5 could drive the hifiman he1000 and if not what would you recommend?
  18. S

    Do I need to upgrade E1DA 9038D - Getting into headphones / IEMs

    I am hoping for experience or views on upgrade options. Have been using E1DA 9038D dongle DAC with Sennheiser HD560S for 2 years. They sound good but I have no other frame of reference. Looking at upgrade options, I have a spare Topping E50 DAC. I am torn between buying the Topping G5...
  19. Springfeel

    Need recommendation for AMP for B&W 707 S2

    Hello, Recently my friend gave me a pair of Bowers and Wilkins 707 S2 speakers, and I am trying to find an amplifier that can bring out the full potential of these speakers. I noticed that the Cambridge Audio CXA-81 was on sale at Crutchfield and felt that it would be a good match, but noticed...
  20. K

    System upgrade

    Dear All, I am new to the crew and have a question for the expert people around here. I have a system that I consider quiet efficient and simple : an Onkyo 9010 plugged to a pair of Audiovector QR1. I stream my music with qobuz through a Chromcast audio. I would like to stick to a simple...
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