1. U

    Help with surround sound on Windows PC

    Hi! I have the following setup: - Windows 11 desktop PC: Motherboard Asus TUF GAMING B660M-PLUS D4 and soundcard Creative Sound Blaster Z SE. Also an optical Blu-ray drive and 1080p DLP projector. - Yamaha receiver HTR-6130, connected to five speakers and a subwoofer. Creative sound card is...
  2. M

    5.1 Home theatre on apple dongles for that sweet sweet audiophile gore

    Hello everyone, you might be terrorized (that's the goal) but if you read it i should convince you that it's reasonable. I was constantly joking about doing 5.1 on apple dongles ever since I realised how easy splitting 6 channels between 3 devices would be. So one day I got convinced that the...
  3. Softimage

    Can I use a Genelec subwoofer with Adams for a 5.1 surround setup?

    Hello ASR, I'm trying to finish building out my 5.1 surround setup in my home studio. I currently have two Adam A77Xs and three Adam A7Xs working with a MOTU UltraLite mk5. I'm getting ready to buy a subwoofer and I've been disappointed with the Adam subwoofer options as they are not designed...
  4. gac800

    5.1 to 6 channels for TV

    I am looking for a way do extract the 6 discreet channels of audio from a 5.1 surround signal when watching streaming (Netflix etc). currently my set up is: Roku (streaming source) > Toslink connection to Motu 828es > EKIO crossover on PC > 5-way speakers I am looking for a way to separate the...
  5. K

    New 5.1 setup bookshelf front mains under about 1.5k

    I am replacing my old floorstanding speakers in my 5.1 setup with bookshelf speakers and I just cannot decide because I do not have a lot of listening possibilities here. I might swap out my really old mid channel so that might also get upgraded. My speakers are powered by a Denon AVR X3400H and...
  6. U

    Thoughts on Revel M8 speakers?

    Hey, I originally sent this message as a DM to Amir. He suggested that I should be posting this in the Forums as well. I know this community is super helpful and knowledgable, but I was just holding back because I am a super new user. I will copy pasta the original message I sent to him in...
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