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  1. S

    Outdoor Speakers

    Hey, I have been researching a few different brands for outdoor speakers. I have narrowed down the list to Bose 251, Sonance Mariner 64 and Definitive Technology AW6500. What do you recommend?
  2. T

    Advice requested for upgrading/replacing small speakers

    Interesting for the next person in a similar situation. Also possible candidates for outdoor speakers!
  3. T

    Bathroom speakers

    Any outdoor speakers should meet your requirements I think. Check the roon forums, this thread for example may give you some ideas:
  4. DanielT

    Open baffle with SB Audience Bianco-15OB350. FR + distortion measurement outdoors and indoors.Plus measurements FR on IEC baffle.

    I thought this was interesting. Might be of interest to someone who is thinking of building an open baffle speaker. Too big speakers for me to fit in my living room/ listening room (plus I have other projects going on) but for those who have room for such big ones, why not? They seem to require...
  5. P

    Spinorama for the brand new JBL PRX900 serie

    These kind of speakers are used outdoors too but they are not very powerfull so main use cases are FoH or small gig insides. Note that the narrow vertical DI is not that bad since listening distance is likely 5m-10m. 10 degree x 10m is roughly 1m. Spin is not bad, we have seen many many hifi...
  6. G

    Active outdoor speakers

    Hey there folks. So I've been searching the web for active outdoor speakers without much success. If they are wifi / network speakers that's better yet but that's not needed. I want them to be active so I don't need an extra Amp for the outdoor part of my roon setup. Ideally I'd like...
  7. S

    Unintended experiment tonight..

    ...and enjoy brews ‘n tunes. 41degF here, so I grabbed a lil electric heater I have. Now my outdoor rig is a Carver amp and a Dayton outdoor speaker, 8+1 with passive radiator on back (mono sum from source). So I set the heater between me and the speaker. 2nd story deck, fewer leaves, plenty...
  8. ernestcarl

    Measurements - what to do next

    My first inclination is not to EQ yet, but to figure out what is the cause of the huge cavernous dip. Take the speakers outdoors to measure… or measure the drivers nearfield etc. Find some way to figure out what is the actual freq response of the speakers without the room.
  9. G

    Budget preamp + amp for two outdoor speakers

    Hey there, audio cats! So I'm planning to set up a pair of DT AW6500 on my terrace (here: At the source / networking end, I use Roon so I'm comfy with a Raspberry Pi 3 + HAT DAC (there are various options but that is not the...
  10. A

    Revel M55XC Outdoor Speaker Review

    Whew...OK...Thanks for the clarification! I have other outdoor speakers that mount horizontally and I had a moment there.
  11. amirm

    Revel M80XC Review (Outdoor Speaker)

    ...So feel free to read what you want into my subjective remarks (objective tests use the same protocol as any other speaker). As outdoor speakers go, the M80XC is on the larger size but attractively finished: Owner wanted it tested without the grill and this is how it looks: As you see...
  12. Jimbob54

    How do you usually listen to music?

    Can't use full speakers (location and family) Over ear headphones for proper listening IEM for outdoors and at my (home) office desk (goes away each night so no scope for desktop electronics or over ear phones). Other - Car (phone feeding dongle to car stereo aux)
  13. G

    Does this vertical dispersion make for a bad choice as atmos speaker?

    Hello, I have been researching to upgrade my atmos speakers and within limitations it seems outdoor speakers will be the easiest option to replace my Polk OWM3 as they normally have a threaded insert which makes it a quick swap. But something about outdoor speakers does not make me feel right so...
  14. Skidoogie

    Master "deals" (massdrop, ebay, Amazon, etc.) Thread on Audio Product Sales
  15. Y

    Spinorama for the brand new JBL PRX900 serie

    yea for sure, but then we (or at least, I) have been spoiled by JBL to expect the very perfrect products across the board;)
  16. S

    Are you satisfied with your home Audio System?

    ...Fostex PX5’s over Zenith Allegro 10’s. Robbed the amp for lows, so not workin. Deck system with a Dayton 8” hi and passive radiator outdoor speaker is just fine with the Carver amp I use lately (may still work..) I haven’t replaced volume controller nor a cable for my desk speakers: Fostex...
  17. DMill

    Bathroom speakers

    Bought one for around the pool. It plays Bob Marley songs from my phone just fine. Nothing to write home about sound wise but it’s fine for background music. If you need something mounted to a wall Id go with outdoor speakers.
  18. V

    Class D amp recommendation

    Hi all! Was hoping to borrow some of your expertise and wisdom. I plan to order a Polk Audio Atrium 8 SDI speaker for outdoors. I plan on using it as a dual (single stereo speaker). From what I understand this will use...
  19. N

    Why are omni-directional microphones preferred to measure speakers? Why not directional?

    When doing indoor (and even outdoor measurements it seems) to get a quasi-anechoic response from a speaker, we use time gating to eliminate reflections. This technique, especially indoors, has a lower frequency limit. Could we not use a directional microphone to attenuate first reflections to...
  20. ernestcarl

    Spinorama for the brand new JBL PRX900 serie

    Besides the apparent unimpressiveness of the spins by your account, what other speaker example can you give that's similarly priced yet have about the same specs required for the intended pro audio applications?
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