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    Review and Measurements of Okto DAC8 8Ch DAC & Amp

    The DAC8s internal volume control is done in 32 bits, so it is perfectly fine. The introduced error should be well below its noisefloor.
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    "Stand Subwoofers" like the Genelec W371, Kii BXT, etc. Ideally with DSP & Multi-Drivers

    I can‘t remember if I have seen measurements about this, but I have seen this video: Of course I don‘t know if they are placed on solid ground or on carpet, etc.
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    Speaker Cabinet Design Considerations

    Here is some interesting stuff regarding baffle design from a site selling plans for DIY speaker. I think speakers from their site are in your (@Winkleswizard) list for DIY speakers, in your other thread already...
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    PlayClassics album premiere for ASR members

    This sounds very interesting. I have never listened to something like this before and would love to give it a try.
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    Master List of Speaker Companies

    Than I have to throw Lowther in too. You can buy prebuild speakers here.
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    Master List of Speaker Companies

    Kii Audio Grimm Audio German Physiks
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    Just bought a JDS Atom AMP. Do I need external DAC? (I have 'high-end' motherboard)

    Just made a few tests with my Desktop PC (ALC1150 Codec with two OpAmps as well), my Apple Dongle, a Fiio headphone Amp and my Laptops audio and a pair of very sensitive IEMs: My Laptops output is pretty noisy and sounds crappy. My Desktops output is pretty quiet, but sounds crappy too, when...
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    Todays way to go for Dolby Atmos Preamp

    I think you can. Here is a thread with pictures where a guy takes the signal from the preamp section and wires it to an added cinch jack. Furthermore he adds cinch inputs to use the AVRs amps, so you can connect a DSP inbetween for example...
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    Fun with "Windows Technical Support" scammers...

    A Late Night Show here in Germany made a video on this. They tried to steal as much time of the scammers as they could. Here is the video:
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    HDR playlist available on Spotify

    I don‘t think Spotify checks this. It is definetly chosen by him. I don‘t know if he looked at some something like Don‘t even know if this is a reliable source. But I like this playlist for the music nonetheless.
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    HDR playlist available on Spotify

    Yeah, he made it. His description says: "A mixture of Jazz, Blues and Classic Rock". So no wonder that there is no classical material. And thank you for sharing this list. There is alot of music I like, so there are probably other tracks I could like too.
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    HDR playlist available on Spotify

    Wich playlist do you mean exactly? I found a "High Dynamic Range" playlist by John James. This one has some Dire Straits track at the beginning and is definetly not tailored. @Veri Yes, HDR in video is great too! :D
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    Review and Measurements of Okto DAC8 8Ch DAC & Amp

    There is no pop with balanced connection.
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    Speakers cable help

    I would use a copper cable with a cross-section are of 1,5 mm^2 or 2,5 mm^2. Bigger is better but those should suffice. There are CCA cables made of aluminium and a some copper. They are cheaper, because aluminium is cheaper, but have a higher resistance with the same cross section area. I...
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    Review and Measurements of Okto DAC8 8Ch DAC & Amp

    I've tried it. Most of the times my woofer channels are nearer to digital clipping but do not clip. They reach like -2 or -3 dB. The sub channels are typically much lower, but 4 or 5 times they reach -1 dB for a fraction of a second. So no digital clipping as far as I can tell. Interestingly the...
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