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Truthear Crinacle Zero background white noise with apple dongle on pc


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Jul 13, 2023
I recently got a Truthear x Crinacle Zero, and the sound seemed too low. So I got the apple type c to 3.5mm dongle and connected it to my USB-3.1 port via the type c to USB-A converter. The sound volume problem has been resolved, but I can hear a background white noise, which is not much but easily noticeable. It gets almost unnoticeable when I reduce the volume to 70% in any scenario.
I hear the noise:
  • when my Windows system sound is being played
  • When I play specific songs, but harder to notice in other songs or when many instruments are playing simultaneously.
  • When I hover my mouse over the menu in Valorant.
I can't hear it when I am in an actual match in Valorant, and it's a bit harder to notice in films.

I tried the dongle on my phone Samsung galaxy m21. I can still hear the white noise when the volume is at max, but I thought maybe it would work better with the dongle connected to the PC. There is no white noise when I connect my IEM directly to the motherboard 3.5mm port. I tried using different USB ports didnt work. Someone said I should change the sample rate, but it's locked at DVD quality and greyed out, so I can't change the sample rate.

Is my dongle not working properly, or is it normal to hear the white noise at high volume?


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Feb 7, 2021
Try different USB ports to avoid interference. It's the easiest way to minimize or get rid of it. I had the exact same combo last week, and on a good USB port it has a nice, quiet noise floor.
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