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There will be a morning and music


Mar 30, 2022
Hello all
I just ran this morning on an editorial published on audiofanzine.com. I found it excellent, and having no link whatsoever with audiofanzine, I thought I would share it here in english (thanks deepl).

There will be an evening, there will be a morning and suddenly, we will be in 2023, tired of this old world, but full of excitement for the New World which palpitates under its gangue. And this world is exciting because it contradicts almost everything we could have projected about it: no flying cars, no laser guns or spaceships to take us to other civilizations, no clones or gifted humanoids, not even a virtual world in which to organize our escape. Just a Nature that gently puts us back in our place and with which we will have to learn to humbly dialogue, for the first time in a long time if not forever. And this is the future: intelligence that is not artificial, imagination, solidarity, humility, everything that Sapiens has been stumbling on since he first walked the planet... and that he will have to learn in a hurry, willingly or not, if he wants a future.

And in this, art holds a great place, and music of course, because there is no technology more accomplished since millenniums to move, convince, console or mobilize in front of the vicissitudes of the existence. In fact, it is not only wishes of happiness, health or success that we present to you for this new year, but also a prayer: that of beating each drum, sounding each horn, strumming each string and pressing each key or button as only you know how to do to accompany the changing world. Because this music of which you have the secret, it is not far from being as precious as air or water to the human race, without ever being exhaustible. It is from it that we draw courage as well as dreams, appeasement as well as the will to listen to others, to understand them and to love them.

So give us for the next three hundred and sixty-five days our daily sound and count on us to help you.

On this note, have a good weekend and see you next year.

Los Teignos
And Ze AudioTeam

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
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