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Subwoofer help on Denon 3800h


Senior Member
Aug 16, 2021
Northern Ohio
I'm adding a third subwoofer (HSU ULS) to my home theater. It has dual balanced connectors and will be located along the front wall between my mains (nearer the right corner). I currently have a HSU VTF 3 (it has dual single ended connections, but I'm only using one) and an older HSU with a single, single-eneded connector on either side of a sofa on the rear wall of the room that is the MLP.

Currently the VTF 3 is connected to sub 1 and the other to sub 2. Should I just connect the ULS to Sub 1 with a balanced to single end converter and move the VTF 3 to sub 2 and the older sub to sub 3?


Is getting a 4th and trying the 'directional bass' thing worthwhile? Ultimately I think it's going to be a 7.4.4 setup, but I've yet to decide on how I'm going to do the height channel. Thank you for your or comments help. This is my first Atmos-able receiver.
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