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Speaker conundrum. DIY OB or used Coax.


New Member
Jun 6, 2019
For the past 15 years or so I have had DIY dipoles, mostly Orion based.

Prior (and interspersed) fancy names like Wilson, Genesis, Apogee.

Alas, we’ve moved and my wife is nixing my nice sounding but industrial looking DIY dipoles.

She has allowed me to placeholder with
LS50s and my trusty Velodyne HGS 10.

I can spend a chunk of money and decades of time getting custom cabinets done to make my dipole/cardiods work in a small WAF form.

Or I can spend a tad more on a used speaker such as a Pioneer S-2EX or KEF 201/2.

Jun 19, 2019
My view is that you do DIY because you like the challenge and satisfaction of making something yourself. It took me a few iterations to get close(r) to my goal but I never achieved the performance of the commercial speakers I tried to copy. If you don't have the time, buy used. If it's about trying to save money, just buy used.

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