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SINAD from Optical Source So Bad ESS Chips Cut Out


May 2, 2021
So I recently got a Modius E DAC and hooked it into my stack. It cuts out on audio several times a minute. This didn't happen with my older Modi. After a lot of back and forth and RMA'ing a Modius (the new one did the exact same thing) it turns out the optical out from my LG TV is so noisy that the ESS chip in the new Modius keeps reconnecting to try to establish a better optical link. The older Modi with an AKM chip lacks asynchronous jitter recovery and doesn't have the problem. See below JDS evaluation:

JDS measured the SINAD out of their LG TV at 81db.

How audible do you think this ends up? Short of making the source effectively incompatible with ESS chip DACs, does this really matter?


Major Contributor
Aug 18, 2020
If you search you will see this has been discussed several times. People assume it's the fault of the DAC, but the TV makers spend almost nothing on the S/PDIF implementation. What's more, they don't just have poor clock implementations, but they inject non-compliant data.
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