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Problem with Topping PA5 - Topping after-sale service sent a new one!


Mar 9, 2021
Hello everybody,
in February 2022 I bought a PA5, it worked well until 6 months ago. It started with a low humming but then it got worse with buzzes and cracks. It was like a vinyl record in terrible conditions. Obviously it's the very common problem already discussed here many times.
I contacted the Italian seller (I bought it through Amazon) end their reply was to address myself directly to Topping China. They were very fast in replying, asked me to send a video, which I did, and then offered to send a new PA5ii free of charge. It arrived without the power supply as that is the same that I already had. I asked for a black one to pair it with my new DX9 and that's what I got!
You can see the broken old one and the replacement over the DX) (of course they're up there only for the picture!).
I read many complaints about Topping after-sale service so I was worried but the only thing I can say is that it's the most serious service I got, ever.
Before anyone asks: PA5ii sounds very similar to the old one, I fell more push in the low frequencies but when I switched from E50 to DX9 the problems were very bad so I don't have any chance to make a side to side comparison. My speakers are KEF LS50II. The thing thatI can say is that in black is better looking for my taste.


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