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Paul Young – No Parlez - comparison between Blu-ray, CD, Streaming, including the Master of vinyl record


May 31, 2022

To celebrate the album’s 40th anniversary of Paul Young's "No Parlez" album, a special reissue has been announced, with a Blu-Ray audio edition offering an enriched listening experience, featuring the Master CD versions, the stereo remix, the 5.1 remix, the Dolby Atmos remix, and most exceptionally, the vinyl master!

No Parlez - small.jpg

For this review, you will find 7 versions tested: Blu-ray with Stereo remix (24/192), 5.1 remix, Dolby Atmos remix, CD master and vinyl master(24/96), Amazon UltraHD(24/96) , CD.

In summary, all versions are dynamic, with a dynamic range between DR11 and DR13, except for the streaming version, which has a DR8.

The spectrum shows a difference in sound balance, for example between the Blu-ray Stereo Remix - 2024 (blue) vs Ed 6 Amazon UltraHD - 2008 (white).

Spectrum - No Parlez - Amazon (white) vs BR Remix (blue) - small.jpg

There are big differences between the two curves, particularly above 1 kHz where the amazon version is up to 5 dB higher (yellow zone), as well as small differences below 100 Hz (green zone). Unlike the Amazon version, which cuts above 20 kHz, the bluray version makes good use of the 192 kHz sampling frequency.

This results in a less balanced Amazon version, which is less pleasant to listen to.

As for the Dolby Atmos version, it's a real success, making excellent use of space to immerse us in the music and choruses.

No Parlez (7.1.4) - Spatialization 7.4 (5.4 - 9.1) - small.jpg

The blu-ray audio offers 5 versions: stereo, 5.1 and Atmos remixes, the CD master and, above all, the exceptional vinyl record Master. This is what we’d like to find for all album editions. With this support, you’re sure to find the version that meets your expectations, whether between the 3 stereo versions (with a very good vinyl master) or the multichannel versions, whose Dolby Atmos mix is a real success.

You can listen to the samples to compare the versions, in particular for the vinyl master version here, as well as the full set of measurements.

Enjoy listening,

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