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Pacific Rim - Uprising


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The Chicago Crusher
Mar 1, 2016
Central Fl
Pacific Rim - Uprising
Well 2 reviews in one day and my reviews always seem to run against the grain but anyway ---------
The BluRay was just released at Redbox today so I had to grab it since I missed the theatrical run.
I enjoyed the hell out of this one and thought it surpassed the first by quite a bit.
Though maybe a little juvenile with the 15 yo girl co-star, all in all it had a steady pace and a good story line.
Technically, the filming was excellect. Great color balance and lighting with darker scenes well detailed and not washed out. CGI was some of the best I've seen outside the Transformer series. The soundtrack I'll list as SOTA for a ATMOS mix, better than Kong - Skull Island which was my prior reference for an immersive experience. Might even spring for a 4K HDR copy when I can get it at a sale price. Sorry now I missed the IMAX :(
3 1/2 oscilloscopes for the cast and story.
4 1/2 oscilloscopes for the technology details.
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