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Need to upgrade my current desktop setup


Nov 21, 2022
Hi all, so I'm kinda new to audiophile (2 years ago I was still using Astros A40 so don't judge me) and since the beginning of the last year I bought 2 KPH30i (one clear, that is modded with Grado pads, and another normal) and a Beyerdynamic Tygr.

I have some headphones on my list, such as Hifiman Sundara, Harmonic Dyne Zeus/Poseidon, T60 Argons, Sendy Apollo, Rode NTH-100, Airmotiv GR1, Sivga SV021, and Sennheiser HD 600. Probably won't buy all in my lifetime and some of them are kinda difficult or way more expensive to get in Europe.

So for now, the upgrade that I'm looking for is to have a stack or a DAC/AMP to power my current/future headphones and also a set of speakers to pair with that.

I would say that the budget for both of these things would be around 600 euros/dollars and for that for speakers I was thinking about the Micca RB42, Swan DT100, and Mackie MR624. For DAC/AMP or stack I was looking at the Topping MX5, Topping DX3 pro plus, Topping E30/L30, and Ifi zen DAC V2. Possible compatibility with a ps4/ps5 would be great but not a must and I would love to read your suggestions.

Maybe some information about me and why I want all these pieces of equipment. I'm a software engineer that loves music, movies, and gaming. I'm with my Beyerdynamic most of my day, because I'm always listening to music while I work, and off work, I occasionally game and watch movies/tv series. I like my headphones and I know that if I'm playing some fps game I want to be using headphones for imaging but I also wanna have a good pair of speakers to use just to chill, listen to music, watch movies, and play casual single-player games. I've put the Mackies on my list because Z from Z reviews said that they are very detailed speakers at lower volumes, and I think that is a feature that would be very useful for me.

I've attached photos from my current desktop setup to give you an idea of the workspace and I know it may be relevant for suggestions.

I hope you can help me with this and thank you for it.


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