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Need recommendation for best 7.2.4 home theater system for around $20000


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Jul 10, 2018
I have a friend who is decorating his villa and thinking of having a home theater system. My recommendation is buying 3x Neumann kh310+ 4x Neumann Kh120+ 2xneumann Kh810+ 4 random speakers on the ceiling+Marantz 8802a(probably used one)+oppo 205+epson 4010 projector. It’s a litter bit above the budget and I am not very familiar with av system. Any recommendation here? Does passive speaker severs better here? Thanks!

Blumlein 88

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Feb 23, 2016
I like active speakers. The main disadvantage is you need to run an XLR cable to them, and need to plug them into the wall. With passive you only need to run a speaker cable and not worry about power outlets. Active speakers have some performance advantages. I use two passives front L&R with actives everywhere else. I only use the passives because I like the speakers and it isn't much trouble on the front wall to have an amp.

I don't know those speakers other than by the excellent reputation they have. Sounds like you'd be ready for some version of Atmos for movies. If decoration is important the appearance might factor in as well.

Projectors are a little like speakers in that you might do better to see them before picking. That has gotten better all around in recent years. But there are strengths and weakness between LCD and DLP projectors. And you'll need to think a little bit about light control. The Epson appears to have considerable lens shift ability. An under-rated feature in my opinion. So that is good. I would prefer a ceiling mount, yet ceiling fans get in the way. With more lens shift I could have worked around it, but my preferred projector at the time had little so I have a coffee table mounting.

I don't see any problem with using the Marantz.
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