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Multiroom Spotify through Roon


Major Contributor
Aug 1, 2021
I was looking for a way to have multiform playback from Spotify. I have a minidsp SHD and a Naim Mu-so, both "roon ready". What I found is the Roon extension manager and the Entrypoints extensions. What these do is setup a Spotify Connect endpoint that turns the Spotify stream into a live radio station which can then be played across a Roon speaker group.

I see a handful of other posts here that use Entrypoints, but I thought I would specifically mention that it can be used to play Spotify on multiple Roon zones.

I run my Roon core on a Synology NAS. I added Docker to the NAS and run the extensions manager there too. It required a little hacking to get the extensions manager running on the NAS, as it needs access to the docker socket to run each extension in its own container. I can post a writeup of all the setup steps if anyone is interested.

The downside is there's about a 6-7 second control lag between changing something inside Spotify (e.g. next track) and it happening in Roon.

If the SHD had a current Volumio, I'd just put a Pi on the mu-so and use Volumio multiroom. But I don't want to dedicate two Pis to those systems just for this.

Another option is using SongShift (iphone) to sync my Spotify playlists to Qobuz and then using Qobuz on a Roon speaker group.

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