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Mcintosh MHA150


New Member
Jun 13, 2021
Good afternoon, I'm a new member and appreciate being a part of this group. I purchased the Mcintosh for 2 reasons, the second of which is the ability to use the speaker output terminals for everyday listening without headphones. However, I can't get any sound to come from a set of KEF LS50 Meta speakers. I believe they're rated at 4OHM and for those that know, would that have anything to do with not receiving any output as the amp's rated for 8OHM for small or large speakers. I received an excellent deal at Best Buy for a new, sealed box MHA150 but without the ability to use the speakers I'm unable to use it for much use for which it was purchased. Help is greatly appreciated.


Active Member
May 27, 2021
I found two things in the online manual:
Automatic Output Switching
The MHA150 has a Front Panel one-quarter inch Headphone Jack for private listening. Loudspeaker Listening is automatically switched Off when Headphones are connected.
Output Control
Rotate the OUTPUT Control to select the desired listening device, Headphones or Loudspeakers. Refer to the OUTPUT CONTROL SELECTION chart below: ...
It's not rated for 4-Ohm speakers but it's unlikely that it would shut-down immediately, or at low volume. Lower impedance means more current (and more power) so you are stressing it.
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