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Marantz AV10 + NAD M66 Master


Jul 11, 2020
hi all! so i have a 5.2 setup:

Marantz AV10
McIntosh MC303 (connected to center and rears)
McIntosh MC462 (connected to L+R)
Sonus Faber Amati G5 (L+R)
Sonus Faber Vox G3 Center
Sonus Faber Olympica Nova 1 (Rears)

right now i am using a bluesound node as my streamer connected via coax digital to my av10 so the av10 is the DAC.

debating about buying an "upgrade" external DAC like the NAD master 66 to use when i am listening to two channel.

Two questions:

1. what external DAC would actually be an upgrade over the AV10? would the NAD m66 actually be an upgrade over the bluesound+av10?

2. if i use the m66 for instance, how would the connections actually work?

i assume: balanced output L+R from Marantz into the balanced inputs of the NAD. Balanced outputs from the NAD to my MC462. when i am listening to two channel, the marantz isn't involved at all, that seems simple enough.

but when im watching tv/movies, how do i bypass the nad dac so the av10 is doing all the processing? maybe i am thinking about it incorrectly....

and any marantz pros advise on how i should set this up on the software side?

thank you for any advice! I'm also open to any other dac/streamer recommendations...
U already have quite of an overkill for a 5.2 system. I don't use my system for 2 channel listening so will refrain from comments in that respect.

In terms of the multi-channel setup, your system could benefit from addition of 2-4 bed channels and definitely addition of at least 4 Atmos channels. That would IMO improve your HT experience by a significant margin. DAC performance for AV-10 for 15.4 system is stellar and nothing more is needed there - except 15.4 channels. BTW as you move up the channel count, you might not need the golden ear equipment as you have. Also, the question is what are you using for room EQ and how are u using it.
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