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Looking for All-in-one device solution for speakers and headphones desk setup


New Member
Aug 8, 2022
tl;dr: I want one device that is a DAC, AMP, and can play music through both my headphones and passive speakers, if this exists. Bluetooth is a plus.

Hey everyone, I wanted to upgrade my audio at my desk set up, so I purchased bookshelf speakers (ELAC Debut B6), which are passive, and a better AMP/DAC combo the Topping DX3 Pro+. My current headphones are 6XXs and my previous AMP/DAC was the Monoprice 11567.

You may already know this, but apparently there are headphone amps and speaker amps, and they are apparently different. My DX3 is within the return period and the speakers I purchased secondhand, so getting rid of them would be annoying. My current understanding is that I could sell my passive speakers and keep the DX3 and use it as a pre-amp to powered speakers (which I believe have a built in amp, and their own power source), OR I could return my DX3 and buy a speaker DAC/AMP like the MX3 that can drive passive speakers, but also has a headphone output (although maybe 6xx impedance is problematic here?). Am I missing anything? Does buying multiple devices make more sense? Are speaker amps bad for driving headphones? Is there a headphone amp that could power the speakers as well (I read about maybe overheating concerns??)?

Thanks for any assistance you can provide!
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