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Linkwitz LXmini For Sale - $1000 - Local Pickup in Austin, TX - Subwoofer optional


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Feb 4, 2019
Austin, TX
Hi all,

I've just finished up a new build of the Linkwitz LX521.4 to replace the first pair of LXmini I built in early 2020 for my media room. The LXmini are the Madisound MDF parts and PVC, all of it painted painstakingly with multiple coats of dark bronze spray-on metallic paint.

The one thing I never got around to doing was something prettier with the tweeter wire which hangs out the back. On my newer pair, I used sexy, interleaved cable wrap and brought that wire down through the small PVC tube, exposing only 4" of the cute wrap between upper and lower. It's not rocket-science to re-route the tweeter wiring, and you could swap the 16 AWG for 18 AWG or even 20 AWG to make it even less obtrusive. The tweeter (actually a full-range driver) can readily be removed by loosening the screws around the outside of the 3" PVC pipe.

The top Fernco clay connector is super easy to take on and off, and the bottom caps on the big PVC pipe can be gently removed with a rubber mallet to access internal wiring if necessary.

These would be difficult to ship, so I think someone interested would want to pick them up in Austin. I can also configure and sell for $150 more an almost-new MiniDSP 2x10HD which I used for a short time when I built my second pair of LXmini later in 2020, during COVID; I later switched into the 4x10HD. The 2x4HD would give you a plug-and-play LXmini apart from the 4 channels of amplification required.

I have used these with a Rythmik F12 12" sub, black, crossed at 50hz to fill in very low, and I'm selling that too. It is about 10 mos old, and I bought it directly from Rythmik's US HQ here in Austin. Let me know if you're interested in that.


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