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Is there a compact desktop streamer + DAC with XLR out *and* decent US-based customer service?

Dec 20, 2022
I have a pair of Neumann KH 80 DSP and a Rythmik sub that I want to set up on my desktop for near field listening. Space is limited and I don't like clutter, so I'm trying to find a compact desktop streamer/DAC with XLR Balanced out (for a direct connection to the KH 80's). I have used products from MiniDSP and Matrix Audio in the past, and the customer service is a deal breaker. Not that they don't try, but being able to communicate only via email on Hong Kong time is just more trouble than I'm willing to accept.

I've tried looking and have come up dry. Hopefully there's a product I'm missing? Right now I'm leaning towards a CXN100 or V2 and mounting it under and towards the back of my desk, but then it isn't very accessible.
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