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How to make best audio setup for three rooms


Sep 2, 2018

I need advice for the best possible combination with the next equipment:

I have got to make three setups, for :

  • 1) living room
  • 2) workroom
  • 2) bedroom
equipment I have :

NAD 325bee amplifier ( https://www.hifispeaker.wiki/item/nad-c325bee )

NAD 525 bee cd player ( https://www.hifispeaker.wiki/item/nad-c525bee )

Emu1212m ( https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/638951-REG/E_MU_24_56050_1212M_PCI_Audio.html/specs)

Topping E30 ( https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/topping-e30-dac-review.12119/page-102 )

Speakers :

Tannoy mx3 ( https://www.hifidatabase.com/Tannoy_Mercury_mX3_5229.php )

JBL lsr305, active speakers ( https://jblpro.com/products/lsr305 )

Elac Debut Reference dbr62 ( https://www.audiosciencereview.com/...-debut-reference-dbr-62-speaker-review.12232/ )

My idea is for:

  • 1) living room – Tannoy mx3 + Nad 325 bee + Topping E30
  • 2) work room – JBL lsr 305 + emu 1212m pci

  • For the third setup I have to buy dac + amplifier so after hours of reading I have found few options :

  • DACs : Topping E50, Topping DX3pro or Topping D10 balanced ),
  • Amplifiers : ( Topping PA5 – Topping PA3s, Loxjie A30 )

  • ...at first I wanted to buy Loxjie A30 to connect it with Elac debut dbr 62 but I thought that AMP + DAC combination would be better idea because I would get better dac and more power so I thought maybe Topping DX3 pro ( better dac then loxjie ) and Topping PA3s ( better amp then Loxjie )??

  • 3) bedroom – Elac debut reference dbr62 + Topping DX3 pro + Topping PA3s ?
  • I im still not sure about this configuration..

  • I would be gratefull if you could give me some other solutions, suggestions, ideas.
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