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Help on connections from Dj controller to subwoofer and monitors


New Member
Jul 23, 2021
I have a dj controller with 2 x 1/4" TRS outputs
2 powered monitors KRK Rokit 8 with 1 input TRS balanced, 1 XLR and 1 RCA unbalanced for each monitor.
The controller is connected to each monitor with a cable 1/4" TRS balanced and XLR female.
In the past I also had a Rokit subwoofer and the controller was connected to the subwoofer (cable 1/4" TRS balanced and XLR female) and then subwoofer to monitors with cables XLR male and female. So, all balanced.

Now I plan to buy a new powered subwoofer but this only have 4 high level inputs (L+, L-, R+, R-) and 4 outputs (L+, L-, R+, R-) with banana type connector and RCA in (L&R) and out (L&R) for Aux that in my case I believe I should not use.

I believe I cannot use the cables I already have (1/4'' TRS x XLR), and replace the XLR by banana because banana is unbalanced, correct?

Also the other 2 cables XLR male and female are also useless for the same reason, correct?

Any advise?


Major Contributor
Dec 5, 2018
I would plan to buy a subwoofer with balanced ins and outs like your previous Rokit one, rather than one with unsuitable inputs and outputs for your usage. The banana connections are meant to be used with the speaker cable outputs from a power amp, not TRS/XLR balanced line levels. You may get away with using the unbalanced RCAs with suitable cables, but you risk signal level mismatch and ground loops.
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